The Founder

Philip Van Woensel - Founder - Why Company

Philip Van Woensel is a true experienced Marketing Professional operating for over 15 years in all Brand & Marketing related fields. Throughout the years he gained his experience in the positions of Marketing Director or Innovations Director seating in the Board of Directors of Companies like ABInbev, Munhowen, Nvision.

Nowadays, he is the Founder & Owner of 2 companies: BetoCee – Brand loving Company and Why ? – Consumer Insights Company. These Companies operate for leading local and international clients (Spuerkeess, LALUX, POST Luxembourg, Sources Rosport, Kichechef, Albert Heijn Belgium, Neuhaus Chocolatier Global, Moulins de Kleinbettingen, …). As a Brand Expert, he supports his clients in the field of Brand Positioning & DNA, Strategic Plans, Product Innovation, Brand Universe Concept development, as well as in depth consumer research guidance.